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An Artist’s View of DUO

This wonderful image with a paragraph from DUO was created by the very talented artist Niya Christine.

Niya painted the Duo image as one of 365 “a-painting-a-day” projects. The entire year of her 365 paintings are gathered up in a wonderful book, titled “The Art of Daily Cultivation,” which shows not only the beautiful artwork, but some of Niya’s process as she struggled to fit time and mindspace for creativity each day into her busy life.

You can read all about her 365 Project on her website. And if you find a painting or two or three that you can’t live without, you can buy them in various sizes and media, even as a cell phone cover. You can also see her latest book, “Cakes of Color,” a gluten-free recipe book, that is being sold in major venues such as Whole Foods.

Niya is more than a painter. She’s also a writer and a muse for other creatives. I strongly recommend you subscribe to her newsletter. She always has something thought-provoking to say.

You can find Niya and her lovely work at

March 11, 2015

Categories: Character-driven Science Fiction

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TK Greenleaf is the author of the science fiction novel DUO. A self-described “armchair anthropologist,” she writes character-driven science fiction that explores the future of human (and sometimes non-human) culture.