When genetic doping steals your soul, going rogue is the only way to take it back.

Three hundred years in our future, the Akuru Temple on Earth genetically engineers empathic monks who have special powers to heal patients with emotional trauma.

Eamon, the Temple’s master healer, is the most powerful empath in Akuru history. But when he is called upon to heal the beautiful and fierce Duo assassin Rachel Blue, he meets a patient that will rock his cloistered world.

After a disastrous healing, Eamon discovers he has unintentionally set Rachel on a path to destroy a colony on Europa. Risking madness and death from empathic overload, he leaves the Temple’s safety to chase Rachel across the solar system, hoping to catch and heal her before the souls of a million innocent people land on both of their heads.

What he finds out in “The Worlds” will shake the bedrock of every divine truth he has ever believed.

DUO blends science fiction adventure with light humor and a love story between people who have been robbed of their genetic destiny. Ultimately, the story is a meditation on whether genetic manipulation will one day steal from us the lives we were born to live.


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Reviews & Praise

Get ready for a wild ride. Stuffed with stuff I’ve never seen before (aeronutes, anyone?) Somehow the author managed to weave it all into a page turner and everything fits.

I used to read lots of sci-fi, but got away from it decades ago. Duo could change my mind. With aspects of both LeGuin and (sorry T.K.) Heinlein, Duo is fast moving and absorbing. Greenleaf creates not one, but multiple worlds and sympathetic, believable characters. Zell's strange affection for Kango... I'm not saying more, you'll have to read it to see for yourself.

Duo is a refreshing sci-fi thriller with deep psychological resonance. Eamon is the quintessential Wounded Healer, and his counterpoint is Rachel, whose emotional pain forces him to take the most risk-filled journey of his life to save them both. The writing sparkles with inventive and entertaining details of a future interplanetary world. It's been years since I've read such a layered adventure story that at its core has profound insight into human nature. Masterful story-telling at its best!

– Bonnie Comfort, psychologist and author of the novel Denial.

Let’s see… Eamon messes up a healing and ends up chasing Rachel across the solar system with a crazy birdman and when he finally catches up with Rachel he has to try to talk her out of blowing up Europa so she doesn’t kill a whole moon-full of people.

This is my kind of story.

About halfway through the book, I suddenly had an aha. This isn’t just a book about a Duo—that’s what the assassins are called. It’s actually filled with different types of two-person duos…. Eamon and Rachel, Rachel and her partner assassin, Eamon and his healer friend Jared, Eamon and the birdman Zell. Each pairing is critical to the plot and the relationships between the characters are deep and engaging.

What a blast! This chase through the solar system is a vivid and engaging story! I started reading it Sunday morning, in my robe, with a cup of coffee, thinking that I would get a few chapters in, and I found myself glued to the pages. A couple of hours later, I was in the same spot, with a fresh cup of coffee, and I did not put the story aside until I was done. This writer does a terrific job of painting a picture; the language is very evocative, easily transporting the reader to the story's extraterrestrial worlds and alien life. Even the description of the mercantile that seems familiar to us as a stock market, has elements that are strange enough to remind us that we are not in Kansas anymore. I loved the theme running through the story that echoed the title--each character in some way had to answer to another, they were paired for better or worse and they had to forge some sort of path to an end.

Equally important and compelling was the fact that these characters, so superior in many ways, were just as flawed as the most ordinary among us. That particular thing found my sympathy, and made me more willing and eager to take the journey with them. I urge you to do the same.

Outstanding and refreshingly original scifi, a good romance made it even better, I hope there is more to come soon from this author!

Get ready for a rollicking good time, traveling through the solar system with Eamon and a cast of wacky characters, evil doers (or should I say evil Duos?) and genetically modified beings. Duo is a book Carl Hiaasen might have written if he was plucked from present day Florida and transported hundreds of years into the future.
Clever, funny and topical the book serves as a cautionary tale and exposes the unintended consequences of our actions. The plot twists kept me guessing till the final chapter and the non stop action kept me reading into the wee hours.
Distilled down to its essence, Duo is a book about love in all its forms. For at the end of the day, "Love is all there is"
Bravo! T.K. Greenleaf. Thank you for a fabulous read.

I loved the juxtaposition of so many themes, of self and other all the way to gritty urban space station opposite pristine Bhuddist garden, from modified and standard humans all the way to youth vs adult! So many themes blended into a story of growth and discovery against desperate peril with genuinely scary (really creepy concept of some genetic leftovers) villains. It was a lot of fun to read! I really enjoyed it!

I will read anything this author writes. First of all, she crafts language masterfully. Why is this so important in Sci Fi? World-making. She has invented a world full of my favorite juxtapositions ... quirky and surprising character behavior in a deeply engrossing thriller/psychological theme. I feel like I've sat down to eat a meal I never want to stop. More wine please, and then coffee and then more ...

I liked the world-building and that the roles were not what you would normally find (the guy was the one with the empath abilities and the woman was the kick-a&$ soldier.) This was an enjoyable read and I would definitely try another book by this author.

Great story. I was caught up in this new world from the first page. Bravo! Can't wait for the next book from this new author!

I absolutely loved this book; it's a real page-turner! I could barely put it down and I was so disappointed when I finished it. I wanted more. I hope someone snatches it up and makes a movie. The way Greenleaf writes paints vivid pictures of the characters and scenes. Great action and plot twists. I'm looking forward to reading another book by this author!

Duo is one of those annoyingly good sci-fi novels that leave you wishing for a future that has not yet arrived. Well before you reach this book’s conclusion, you will be wishing for access to the pranabond, healing chambers, “unveiling” (to share one’s mindstream with others), and the benefit of receiving a massage even as you’re giving one (through empathic connection).

Humankind used to grunt and gesture to communicate, then we developed languages and the power to speak, Duo lets us glimpse a future where we move beyond language, into new channels of feeling and communication. All the while our protagonist, Eamon, goes on a death-defying trek across the solar system to hunt down the ever-dangerous Rachel.

That is the world of TK Greenleaf. It’s a place I want to spend a lot more time!

A compelling "page turner," chock full of surprises.

Very imaginative and it was full of surprises that I enjoyed. It is also a story that teaches and brings in many elements such as morality and intention. – Jan Baross, author of "Jose Builds a Woman"

I really enjoyed this book. The psychology of it, the layers, the development, that I don't often see in e-books. Also, the unexpected. The story line isn't "neat." This is a book for people who are interested in the uncommon, in a different world that is developed and interesting. Great read!

Remarkable debut! New worlds, cultures, technologies and mind development. Let there be many more by this gifted author.

"Duo" should come with the following warning label. "WARNING. Do not start reading if you intend to do anything else until the book is finished. Sleeping, eating and work will take a backseat to finding out what's going to happen next."

This was my experience! It's been a long time since I've stayed up to the wee small hours of the night reading, but with Duo I couldn't put it down. The characters are complex, the world is intriguing, and the pace goes along at a good clip. My body was saying "get some sleep" but my imagination countered with "just ONE more page"... and suddenly it was 1am... two nights in a row!

Damn you TK Greenleaf for writing such a brilliant novel. My eyebags and I will be sending you a bill in the morning.

I liked the world-building and that the roles were not what you would normally find (the guy was the one with the empath abilities and the woman was the kick-a&$ soldier.) This was an enjoyable read and I would definitely try another book by this author.