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DUO Now Available on Amazon

Great news! My science fiction novel, DUO, is now available as an ebook on Amazon! (Print edition coming soon!)

About DUO

Three hundred years in our future, the Akuru Temple on Earth genetically engineers empathic monks who have special powers to heal patients with emotional trauma.

Eamon is the most powerful empath in Akuru history, but when he is called upon to heal the beautiful and fierce Duo assassin named Rachel Blue, he meets a patient that will rock his cloistered world.

After a disastrous healing, Eamon discovers he has unintentionally set Rachel on a path to destroy a colony on Europa. Risking madness and death from empathic overload, he leaves the Temple’s safety to chase Rachel across the solar system, hoping to catch and heal her before the souls of a million innocent people land on both of their heads. What he finds out in The Worlds will shake the bedrock of every “divine truth” he has ever believed.

DUO blends science fiction adventure with a touch of romance. The story also is a meditation on whether genetic manipulation will rob us of the lives we were born to live.

March 10, 2015

Categories: Character-driven Science Fiction

About T.K. Greenleaf

TK Greenleaf is the author of the science fiction novel DUO. A self-described “armchair anthropologist,” she writes character-driven science fiction that explores the future of human (and sometimes non-human) culture.