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I write character-driven speculative and climate fiction that explores the future of human (and sometimes non-human) culture.

My debut novel, DUO, is an empath/adventure/love story. It takes place in space, but it’s also a tale for any reader who has ever felt overwhelmed by their own way-too-sharp ability to read a room.

I’m also a lover of all things water. My new/upcoming works in progress celebrate sea creatures, marine environments, and ocean-influenced societies.


About DUO

Eamon is an empathic healer with huge powers to cure emotional trauma. In the Akuru monastery high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, he spends his days salving the pain of others.

But when a healing goes wrong and he sets Rachel, a beautiful assassin, on a path to destroy a colony on Europa, he must risk madness from empathic overload and chase her across the solar system and heal her before the deaths of a million people land on both of their souls.

Venturing out in “the worlds” for the first time, Eamon’s only guide will be a half-human/half raptor hybrid who claims to be Rachel’s partner. But is he? Or is he out to kill Rachel? Eamon has no choice but to follow him and find out.

DUO blends fast-paced, scifi adventure with a love story. At its heart, it’s a meditation on the value of overcoming dogma and what may someday be the high personal costs of genetic engineering.

A REFRESHING SCI-FI THRILLER with deep psychological resonance. It’s been years since I’ve read such a layered adventure story that has profound insight into human nature. Masterful story-telling at its best!

Bonnie Comfort, author of Denial

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK. It’s a real page turner! I could barely put it down. I want more! I hope someone snatches it up and makes a movie. Greenleaf paints such vivid pictures of the characters and scenes. 

Stacey D.

SMART, funny and thrilling. 

Kacee K.